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brown bear takes a walk during sunrise

A Walk at Sunrise in Katmai National Park, Alaska

A Sunrise Walk in Alaska

It doesn’t get more majestic or peaceful than this, even when sea planes glide gently from bay to sky.

Take a walk with a brown bear at sunrise in Alaska’s Katmai National Park in this Zen Den-worthy highlight clip. And of course, see the brown bears on the Live Cam before the season ends right here.

Fast Facts: 

  • It’s easy to catch sunrise on the Bear Cam – the early autumn sun is rising at 8:12 AM AK (that’s around noon on the East Coast).
  • Sunsets may be harder to catch in Eastern Time, but night-owls across the country can grab a snapshot of the setting sun in Alaska at 8:13 PM AK (11:13 PM PT/12:13 AM ET). *Share your snapshots with us and use the hashtag #BearCam)

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