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“What The Service Puppy Cam Means To Me”

By Ev Tarner 

Where does one start to tell you what this cam has meant to me? It has proven that there are people in this world who give unselfishly of their time and their effort and love. These darling puppies have grown up in front of our eyes.  We have watched them try to walk as their little hind quarters just drop to the first little leap and the look on their faces as they shocked themselves learning an endless amount of new experiences. Watching the puppies sleep in peaceful little pile of puppies creates such a warm and peaceful spirit in anyone who experiences it online. Knowing what these puppies will accomplish is the spirit of this cam. Knowing they will give companionship and love to a soldier who has sacrificed to give us peace and love has created such a ‘kind spirit’ for me. I have watched them grow for 8 weeks and every minute of that time has given me a sense of companionship and love for the puppies. I will miss them, but will have that gentleness about me when I think of what you have created in my soul. This has been my first experience with real puppies and being able to watch them from my computer thousands of miles away has been a truly wonderful experience! God bless the little pups, Mollie, Mia and family for giving me this wonderful space in my heart! Thank you for this experience!