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Polar Bear Breath: Feeling sleepy still

Polar Bear Breath

Feeling sleepy still? How’s that morning breath by the way? These guys don’t seem to mind. Explore.org is capturing some of our favorite shots from our live cams.

Polar Bears International says,

“In winter, polar bears sleep in shallow pits they dig in the snow with their sides or backs to the wind. Polar bears sleep right through blizzards in day beds dug in the lee of a ridge. The snow piles up on top of them and provides an insulating blanket. Sometimes they stay curled up under the snow for several days until the storm passes.

In summer, polar bears curl up on the tundra or on an ice patch, sometimes using a block of ice or an outstretched paw as a pillow. Landlocked bears dig sleeping pits in the sand or in gravel ridges along the shoreline.”

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