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Annette and Lydia

Annette and Lydia

Walking Tall, Thanks to Service Dog Project

When Annette came to Service Dog Project she was walking bent at about a 45 degree angle, hanging onto a metal walker. Stepping up a few stairs was a formal project; climbing a hill was totally out of the question.

She was encouraged to leave the walker behind and practice walking by holding onto the back pocket or belt of her partner. This improved her posture and got her ready to walk tall with her new service dog, Lydia. This is not a person bent over a walker or a cane. From the standpoint of science it may be a matter of her center of gravity- but in reality it is the center of concentration.

Annette can climb any mountain now! Well at least a big hill. Thanks to Lydia.

– Carlene White, founder of Service Dog Project in Ipswich, MA. The organization trains and places Great Danes with people who live with Multiple Sclerosis, Friedreich’s ataxia, and veterans with disabilities.

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  • Peg McCabe – MA

    Beautiful beginning for Lydia and Annette!!!

  • Debbie Porges-Au

    Don’t forget to click on the word”Recommended” to make the grey heart red!

  • Debbie G FL USA

    This is what its all about !!!


    I feel so overwhelmed with pride every time I read another SDP story that makes such a difference in a persons life.

  • Debbie G FL USA

    Heather has me to post this video of Lydia ! There are others on the Service Dog Project web site !! Enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYViBVnISBE

    • Evelyn Smith Boeckman

      So many beautiful pictures and so very well put together. Thank you. Congratulations to you and Lydia. Thanks again to all involved in this beautiful video.

    • Nora Coyne

      Happy Anniversary to Annette and Lydia. What a wonderful video of both of you!! More treasures to capture!! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Nora Coyne

      Thank you for sharing Debbie.

  • http://home.lyse.net/twan/Index.html Twan in Norway

    Congratulations on your first anniversary, Annette and Lydia! Many more happy years to come, hurray! ♥

  • mlfromde

    Love the words and I love the video!!! Way to go Lydia!!!! Thanks for helping Annette have her outdoor life back!

  • Heather NS CA

    Not really sure Annette ever walked with the assistance of a walker, but I do know that now she walks perfectly with her Lydia by her side … These two share such a special bond… Just one example of how Service Dog Project changes lives!

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