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Name these two huggable pups!

Name these two huggable pups!

Contest: Name the Puppies of Animal Wellness Foundation!

Animal Wellness Foundation is dedicated to finding loving families for homeless pets in the Los Angeles area. They’ve partnered with explore to bring you a new puppy cam streaming live video of the pups at play while they wait for their forever homes!  All the animals frolicking here are available for adoption.

The two young female pups featured on the new cam were rescued without names. Let’s remedy that with a contest! Simply type your entries in the comments section below and your winning idea could be their new names.

The animals could also win big when they’re adopted into a loving home, so contact Animal Wellness for more information.

EXPLORE the Complete – Animal Wellness Adoption Live Camera Experience

  • Debbie Porges-Au

    And click on Recommended to make the heart go read if you enjoyed reading this blog!

  • BluePenguin

    The Lighter one : Ebony & The Black one : Ivory = Ebony & Ivory …. with a twist =)

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    Locket and Trinket !!!

  • Guest

    Twinkie short for Twinkle (blonde puppy) and Darla (black puppy)

  • Guest

    Or Jupiter and Nova (short for Super Nova)!

  • Anne McCormack

    Fudge and creme

  • Jan Worrall

    Ebony and Ivory

  • Jan Worrall

    Sugar and Spice

  • Mike Metzler

    Riki and Kate

  • Jamie Allison

    Ebony and Ivory

  • Stephanie Marie

    Coal and Sunny.

  • Tammy Campbell

    Dakota for the dark 1 and and Bandit for the light 1 .

  • Doreen Friedel Keiser

    Blanca and Midnight

  • Rcj

    Chaplin and Chanel

  • Lucy Maimone Barone

    Hope and Faith

  • Nan Kan, TX

    Amarillo and Noche.

  • 4meowsmom-MA

    Holly and Noel

  • Frederick Checke

    Gemma & Tara

  • Amy Price

    Coal & Copper

  • Sherry Ohlarik

    Chocolate & Butterscotch

  • Amy Marquez

    Daisy (yellow coat) and Dahlia (black coat). Because daisies often have yellow, and black dahlias are beautiful flowers.

  • Kell

    Merry and Joy.

  • T_in_MN

    Peas and Carrots, or Jingle and Bells (for the season, of course)

  • Elsie

    Are they male and/or female?

    • Elsie

      Just remember, you will be calling out to them in public !!!

    • shnzermom

      The two young female pups as stated above

  • Johnston Family, from VA

    Our family loves, loves, loves this adorable family. Have watched them since the day they were introduced. Since they were suppose to be available for adoption around Christmas (and mom, Millie as well) we thought the black coat-Holly and tan/yellowish coat Spunky (from Christmas cartoon and watching her), plus mom and babies will all end with the “e” sound where it flows. Also love Hope & Faith.

  • SKK717

    Yin and yang

  • Tina Summers

    The black one….Vilandra and the yellow one…Cambria :)

  • mary

    The black one – IVORY , the white one EBONY :-)

  • mary

    name one bo and the other one peep

  • mary

    Gibbs and Jenny

  • selena

    Apolo and Nerea

  • Patty Dayton

    <—The Black one Gracie after our beloved rescued furbaby who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week after losing her battle with lung cancer. The tan one Skippy for our peanut butter-colored rescue we loved with all our hearts as well.

  • Melanie Taylor May

    Black: Maggie May
    Yellow: Snickers

  • Angela

    Comet & Cupid ♡

  • Jennifer Craft

    Ebby & Ivy! (Black & White!)

  • genevieve -ms.

    Kate for black pup and Sasha or Blondie for the yellow pup!

  • Donna Sue Jacobs

    Faith and Hope

  • clpond53

    Cheech and Chong.

  • Peg Dudzinski

    Beau & Geste

  • Brie

    Black: Blaire
    Yellow: Sandy

  • Lilslizedofcrazees

    Black – Shade
    Yellow – Talulah

  • shnzermom

    Oh so many choices..keeping with the M like their mother….I say Misty and Molly

  • Laurie Becker Kirk

    How about Cinder and Ella.

  • http://www.Google.com SeniorLass

    Amber and Onyx

  • Pamela

    Tina/black puppy & Cher/tan

  • April Hansen

    Bosco and Roscoe

    • Elsie

      for females???

  • Terri Netherton Patterson

    Ebony and Ivory.

  • Tammyh

    Pepper and Mint

  • Larinor

    Pixie and Poppy

  • Donna Scott

    Scarlett & Melanie

  • Ann

    Mango and Maya…. or Midnight and Molly…

  • Donn Massey

    knight and daisy

  • Valerie Rose Fanning

    Sunshine & Midnight

  • Pat Christen

    Maya and Charlie

  • Laurie ‘Leedom’ Palmer

    Mocha and Vanilla

  • Cara Fuller

    Violet and Daisy :)

  • Riley

    ‘Nilla and Mocha

  • Janet

    Smokey and Honey

  • https://twitter.com/WhiteCliffs CamOpMomo

    Coco & Tippy, for the ink-dipped tip of the buff’s tail
    (NOT Cam op’ing, using disqus ID only)

  • Kim

    Pumpkin and Riley

  • faith shorthouse

    Buster and Buddy♡

  • Jan Worrall

    Salt (blonde pup) Pepper (black pup)

  • Judi Lynn

    Noli, Black puppy…Fallon, Blonde puppy…

  • Christina

    Ying and yang

  • Veronica

    Moxy and Opal

  • BluePenguin

    Explore.org >> just wondering (I can not seem to find) What names have been chosen??? Please????? Thank-you =D

  • meldnestor@yahoo.com

    Lucy and Ethel – They remind me of them.

  • Kelley Kiki Sanders

    Lola (black) Kiki (tan)

  • Kelley Kiki Sanders

    Ebony (blk) Ivory (tan)

  • Kelley Kiki Sanders


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