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Havana street by Lily Annenberg

“Travels By Lily” captures a photographer’s world

Like her father and explore founder Charlie Annenberg, Lily Annenberg has a passion for seeking out new experiences in distant lands. She’s driven to immerse herself in local culture, to share with the world the stories, adventures, knowledge and photos she’s picked up along the way. Fashioned after her dad’s Travels With Charlie series, Lily presents us with Travels By Lily.

Brazilian child by Lily Annenberg

Travels By Lily is part travelogue and part photo gallery where you can see her shots of vast natural landscapes and intimate portraits. With each new journey, be it swimming with sharks or hiking to Machu Picchu, Lily hones her photography skills and picks up life lessons, all viewable on her blog.

Travel with the teenager from the fjords of Norway at the end of the earth, down to Havana, Cuba where she sheds light on a culture we haven’t been able to fully experience until recently. Travels By Lily is an exciting new look at the world by a talented up-and-coming photographer.

For more, be sure to follow Lily on Instagram and catch video footage of her travels on her Youtube page.