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The three eaglets of Decorah North Nest

The three eaglets of Decorah North Nest

Join us for a Decorah North Eagle Nest live chat

With sad news we announce a new live chat with John Howe and Amy Ries of Raptor Resource Project (RRP), our partner and co-host of the Decorah Eagles North Nest. Some time last night, the youngest and smallest eaglet, DN3 or Little Bit, died in the nest.

This Friday, May 13th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET, RRP’s director John Howe and Amy Ries will join us on the Decorah Cam to answer questions about DN3’s passing and any other questions you have about the life cycle of bald eagles.

Simply tune in to the cam during the chat and type your questions in the comments section below the player! You can ask about nesting materials, egg incubation, eagle diet, how the chicks learn to fly, or anything and everything else raptor-related!

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  • Rocknrobins Lbny

    Good afternoon! Am I in the right place for the live chat?

    • Rocknrobins Lbny

      Sorry, didn’t remember about the time difference!

  • Carolyn Hallam

    What happened to Little Bit’s body?

  • tydyq

    mom buried with grasses in the nest

  • Lelia B Lukens

    Do you have any concerns about contamination of food sources there from pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals ? Can you check the egg shells for this after the birds have left the nest ?

  • Rocknrobins Lbny

    Why is it that the male was seen feeding the eaglets, but he actually had no food in his beak! This happened on more than one occasion.

    • Michelle

      i do believe he was providing fluid from his beak. he did that before and it showed salixa being passed

      • Rocknrobins Lbny

        Thanks so much!

  • MaireadK

    Have just logged on after two days away from the discussion and am very sad to read about Little Bit. I’m not really surprised and guess it was inevitable but am very sad. At least the two big brothers should have a great chance of doing well now.

  • Joe Frankl

    Can anyone please explain what is wrong with the last eaglet.???

  • Tracy Murray

    Yes, I would also like to know whats up. I have been offline for a few days. Is the other eaglet flying?

  • Pam Boehme

    I would. to know what the dn2 died of? Is the results of the autopsy.back yet?

  • Carolyn

    Is anyone on?

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