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“Travels By Lily” captures a photographer’s world

Like her father and explore founder Charlie Annenberg, Lily Annenberg has a passion for seeking out new experiences in distant lands. She’s driven to immerse herself in local culture, to share with the world the stories, adventures, knowledge and photos she’s picked up along the way. Fashioned after her dad’s Travels With Charlie series, Lily

A Peruvian Palm Sunday

The explore team has been trekking Peru in a philanthropic fact-finding mission to research humanitarian organizations.

dog in car

Keep your road buddy safe! Tips on traveling with dogs

The number of American traveling for the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday is expected to reach the highest level since 2007, with 46 million turkey-gobblers taking a trip over the weekend. For families hitting the road alongside their canine buddies we’d like to present some pet travel safety tips for a care-free cross-country cruise.

Travel Log: Inside the Bifengxia Panda Base

In many ways, walking through the gate at BFX was a bit like “coming home” after years of reading and writing about it, seeing photographs, live cams, and hearing first hand accounts from others who had made the trip.  The reality of the Panda Base, however, was far grander and more awe inspiring than all

Travel Log: Mount Emei Xianzhi Zhujian Ecological Park

The Mount Emei Xianzhi Zhujian Ecological Park is a 300-plus-acre tourist park located in the eastern outskirts of the city of Emei, about 5 miles from the city center.  The park is primarily a showcase for local tea with a breathtaking teahouse and a local production facility onsite, but tucked away within the park there is also

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