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brown bears on island with birds

Brown bear and cub hanging with the birds. Photo captured by member Flowers.

Top 5 Brown Bear Photos Of The Week

It is certainly looking like autumn in Katmai National Park. The brown bear photos are plentiful, and amazing! Take a look at the live cams and see what the brown bears are doing! Here are five of the best photos of the week.

Brooks Falls Brown Bear Live Cam

Lower River Brown Bear Live Cam

River Watch Brown Bear Live Cam

brown bear on an island

Brown bears wading in the water. Photo captured by member BradBrisard.

brown bear sitting in the greass

Taking a rest in the grass. Photo captured by member Flowers.

brown bear family resting

Bear family snuggle time! Photo captured by member 2fortheroad.

brown bear fishing at brooks falls

This wet bear had a long day of fishing in the falls!

EXPLORE The Complete – Brown Bear Live Camera Experience

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