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This Week on explore.org (11/10)!

We would like to start our weekly recap by expressing our thanks and appreciation for all military members. This weekend, and every day, we honor you. 

Here at explore.org, we have always had the upmost admiration for our veterans and working service members. When our founder noticed that some veterans were suffering even more so after returning from war, he created Dog Bless You which has partnered with several service dog organizations in order to help our wounded soldiers. Please read part one of Charlie’s address to our explore family here




Speaking of service dogs, we are so happy to announce that Daisy from ECAD has given birth to future service dogs! Find more details here!

Photo by ECAD

Photo by ECAD


This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Mike Fitz and Ranger Roy regarding the past bear season. We are so grateful for their time and look forward to hearing from them soon! Here are the live chat recaps:

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