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Photo by ECAD

ECAD Welcomes A New Litter!

We have a cause for celebration!¬†Today is ECAD founder Lu Picard’s birthday! But that is not the only exciting birth we have to talk about!


Daisy, daughter of Blip and Emme, has given birth to ten future service dogs, three girls and seven boys. All the pups weigh around one pound and are healthy and doing extremely well. This is Daisy’s second litter (her first litter was delivered on June 8th, 2016) so she knows exactly what to do and how to make sure that all puppies are well fed and taken care of.
Dogs_ECAD Daisy 1st Litter Feeding
The father, Patriot, was donated to ECAD in 2015 and after passing his service dog clearances was selected to become a Stud.
“Patriot has such a nice pedigree that Guide Dog school in Long Island asked to use him for stud too.¬† To date Patriot has given 36 pups for ECAD counting this new litter of 10 and 19 Pups for the guide dog school. We are all very proud and grateful to Patriot for his contribution to the industry.”
We are so excited for ECAD and can’t wait to watch these puppies grow up to help those in need. You can watch them live every day here!