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Snapshot by CamOp Scout

This Week on Explore (3/23)

What a week!

We have the first hatch on the West End Bald Eagle cam! Hatch occurred on March 20th around 12:35am.

Eagles_West End First Hatch_CamOp Ele_3.20.18

Snapshot by CamOp Ele

We have three successful hatches from the Sauces Bald Eagle nest! Eaglet number three was welcomed on March 16th.

Eagles_Sauces feeding_Raptor3_3.18.17

Snapshot by Raptor3

The Peregrine Falcon family has laid two eggs this week on the Chesapeake Conservancy Falcon cam!

Falcons_CC Second Egg_DJKBirdWatcher_3.23.18

Snapshot by DJKBirdWatcher

We have new kittens at Kitten Rescue! Read about them here!

Kitten Rescue New Litter

Unfortunately, we lost the egg at the Decorah North Nest due to either it being crushed or it collapsing. Although we are deeply saddened by this event, we have no doubt in our minds that Mom and Dad will prevail.


Snapshot by CamOp John

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