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Snapshot by CamOp Spish

This Week on Explore (3/30)

What a week for the falcons!

Boh and Barb have welcomed four eggs to their nest! Make sure to watch here!

Falcons_CC Family_CamOp Pan_3.28.18

Snapshot by CamOp Pan

The Anacapa Falcons have welcomed their third egg!

Falcons_Anacapa Third_SgtPepper_3.30.18

Snapshot by SgtPepper

The Great Spirit Bluff Falcons have welcomed their first egg just this morning!

GSB_First Egg_CamOp Coqui_3.30.18

Snapshot by CamOp Coqui

In other bird news, Tom and Audrey Osprey have made their return to their nest! Make sure to watch here to see the pair!

Osprey_Tom and Audrey_CamOp Mika_3.29.18

Snapshot by CamOp Mika

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