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Mpala's green on World Water Day

Celebrating the Gift of Water

The home of African wildlife on Explore.org marks World Water Day 2018 with sights and sounds of a full and flowing Ewaso Ng’iro river. The resident hippo pod is safe on the edges as Mt. Kenya, the Aberdare Ranges and other water catchment areas empty the long rains throughout the Laikipia Plateau (our region) and other semi-arid zones, joining the Jubba River in Somalia before ending up in the Indian Ocean.

The Ewaso Ng'iro riverrises on the west side of Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya

The Ewaso Ng’iro river rises on the west side of Mount Kenya (As seen from Mpala)

However, this time last year (2017), the river was not flowing and the situation was dire for wildlife, pastoralists and livestock in the region. A prolonged drought had upset the ecosystem leaving many animals dead. Wildlife numbers declined in the rangelands while human occupancy and rampant activities in both community owned and private ranches increased. Diminished natural resources led to even greater competition between humans and wildlife.

Dry Ewaso Ng'iro river bed

A section of the dry Ewaso Ng’iro river bed (Mar 2017)

The landscape is greener this year and as the world marks 25 years of World Water Day, scientists at Mpala are committed to finding sustainable solutions in rangeland management, restoration of damaged ecosystems and protection of endangered species.


Victor Kasii @mpalalive