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Prepare Yourself for Tomorrow Morning

We’re back online tomorrow, live from 8:30 AM – 3 PM Pacific Time on the Bergin University Live Cam, Monday – Friday.

The puppies were born July 31st. There are 7 total, 6 boys and a girl. Their average current weight is about 1 lb 8 oz. but they are growing like weeds! Black, Brown, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Green collars are the males. Silver collar is the girl.

Did You Know?: Pups become conscious of each other and their environment at somewhere between 3.5 to 4 weeks. This is called the “caterpillar to the beautiful stage.” 

Our newest Bergin pups are already very beautiful, but they should be entering the “beautiful stage” in just about a week. Be there when it happens, and meet mom and the puppies here!

(Thanks to AJAY-NY for the snapshot!)