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Snakes in Action

Snakes elicit all manner of emotions in humans and other animals world over. Some people shudder at the idea of being near snakes while others keep them as pets. Due to limited knowledge about these creatures, they are often misunderstood. On one occasion, viewers on Explore.org were treated to a rare moment when a bright

All About Mpala’s Reptiles

Routine checks that include clearing underbrush and troubleshooting installations and equipment on the Explore.org cameras at Mpala took on a chilling character when a bright green snake was seen on the live cams. The agile serpent was recorded weaving its way up one of the camera masts at the hippo pool. It was initially recognized

tiger keelback snake

This Poisonous Snake Eats Poisonous Toads When Pregnant

We have heard of some unusual pregnancy cravings, but none compare to the tiger keelback snake’s pre-natal diet.

Amazing Wildlife Photography from Our Fans!

Our Explore.org fans and Live Cam watchers (you!) have captured some AMAZING shots on our African Wildlife Live Cams. We’re featuring just a few of the stupendous snapshots from the past week here and offering a short guide to the African wildlife pictured below: Water Buffalo (Emily Echols Ginder) Elephants (Dac Man & suzie2013) Hippos (Mpala Live! & Emily Echols Ginder) Egyptian Geese (Dragisha)