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Total Instinct Leads to First Swim

Nothing but instinct drives the gray seal pups toward the rough ocean and breaking waves. And they have no problem handling it. See this first time swimmer as he ventures out to sea in this short video captured by explore.org camera operator, Katharine. The six-week-old gray seal pup will learn how to hunt, navigate, and survive

Gray Seal Pups Begin Journey

The Gray Seal Pups, some now weaned, are beginning their journey out to sea. This photo from explore.org fan, Cloud, catches one curious pup tasting the wood on the camera base! After three weeks of feeding the baby seals, “pups,” shed their furry white coats and then begin their grown up adventures at sea alone.

Seal Chat Tomorrow!

Join Lynda Doughty at 9:00 am PT/Noon ET on the Seal Cam. Lynda is Director of the Marine Mammals of Maine (seal, whale and dolphin rescue on the Maine coast). This year, an estimated 500 pups will be born on Seal Island. You can visit the Live Cam page tomorrow morning, and ask Lynda questions about the gray

Snow White

The Northeast is getting pummeled with snow, but the gray seals are one group that doesn’t mind. It’s 12* F on Seal Island and the pups are blending in. See them on the live cam here. You can see and add to the collection of explore.org fan snapshot albums here! (Photo from explore.org fan Dawn)

The Gray Seal Pups Pupping

Gray seal pups are nursed for ~3 weeks. After, the mom leaves the pupping site. The pups then fast while they molt the remainder of their white fur. See them live on the Gray Seal Pupping Cam.