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Share A Newborn Seal Snapshot To Win!

UPDATE: We have a winner from the seal pup born on Friday December 18th. Thank you for sending in your snapshots! The Gray Seal moms landing on Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge have already begun giving birth to adorable pups, but we have yet to catch it live on cam.

The Gray Seal Pups Pupping

Gray seal pups are nursed for ~3 weeks. After, the mom leaves the pupping site. The pups then fast while they molt the remainder of their white fur. See them live on the Gray Seal Pupping Cam.

December Means Seals!

Believe it or not, it’s December and the start of the gray seal breeding season. Seal Island, Maine is cold and windy with rough waters… just what our gray seals like! You can see them already on the live cam, sunning themselves on the rocky shores. The cam is being test and will go fully

Too Cute Tuesday: Gray Seal

Too Cute Tuesday The Gray Seal Cam is turning heads – mostly white, fluffy ones. Gray seals actually range in shades from gray to black, and males are darker than the females. Newly born pups are covered in a soft, feathered, white fur, which eventually falls off – around 3 weeks – when they first