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A gift of Joy for a passionate puffin fan

Little puffling Joy spread abundant happiness this summer, and viewers were immediately smitten with her fluffy feathers and playful personality around the Puffin Burrow. One fan in particular, AnneMa, took notice of a piece of cardboard brought into the burrow and which Joy become fond of, using it as a toy of sorts.

The Problem with Balloons on Eastern Egg Rock

Project Puffin Research Assistant Aubrey Alamshah spent weeks on Maine’s Eastern Egg Rock studying puffins and other seabirds, but learned something new about seemingly fun party decorations.

Bon Voyage, Joy!

After an amazing (and adorable) season in the Audubon Puffin Burrow, the little chick Joy has fledged, leaving her home Tuesday evening on a big journey out to sea. Catch the video highlight of her preening her feathers before she steps out into the night.

Puffin Contest: When Will Joy Say Goodbye?

Little puffling Joy hatched on July 1st and has entered the fledging period of her life, getting her juvenile feathers and showing signs that she may exit her burrow for a years-long journey at sea. Just when that farewell will be is anyone’s guess. And if YOU guess correctly, you could win a prize! Make

Project Puffin’s Steve Kress Predicts Joy’s Fledge Date

Little Puffin Joy is growing up, getting her juvenile feathers and showing signs that she may exit her burrow for good, heading out to sea for the next few years. Project Puffin Founder and Director Dr. Stephen Kress makes his own educated prediction on when the chick may embark on the biggest journey of her

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