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Puffin Mama Finn and chick Joy

Puffin Mama Finn and chick Joy

Puffin Contest: When Will Joy Say Goodbye?

Little puffling Joy hatched on July 1st and has entered the fledging period of her life, getting her juvenile feathers and showing signs that she may exit her burrow for a years-long journey at sea. Just when that farewell will be is anyone’s guess. And if YOU guess correctly, you could win a prize!

puffinbooklowresMake your best prediction on what date the puffin chick will leave the burrow in the comments section below for a chance to win the new book Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock by Project Puffin Founder and Director Stephen Kress. The first correct guess posted will win. You can purchase a copy as well from Project Puffin’s Online Store.

Dr. Kress shared his insight on what to expect in the next few days from Joy: “My calculations are that Joy entered her fledge-watch period on Sunday, August 9. The average fledge period is 38-44 days with 42 days being the average. She seems normal for weight and wing and plumage, so she will likely fall in this range of August 9-15 with August 12 being the most likely day. Of course she does not know anything about such statistics and will do what she will.

Behaviors that indicate that fledging is approaching include increased activity, especially at night: wing stretching, wing vibrating, pacing about the burrow. Some of this will happen outside, and she will go out and come back, usually at night, though sometimes by day. She has been doing some of this already, but viewers can expect to see more in the coming days.”

So good luck with your guesses, and keep watching the Puffin Burrow Cam to see Joy make her exit.

EXPLORE The Complete – Puffin Live Camera Experience

  • Patsyspal

    I’ll guess August 12 at 2:00 a.m. if no one else has.

    • s a mcgill

      August 13 @ 11:30 pm.

  • Colorado Sister

    I’ll guess August 13 at 2:30am.

  • pbenward-NJ

    My guess is August 13 at 12:30 a.m.

  • Doreen Mann

    I predict she will leave after the rain on Wednesday night 8-12-15 at high tide when the moon is the brightest

  • Arlene A.

    I will wager on 7 am on August 15.

  • laura villegas

    August 12 @ 4 a.m.

  • MamaDenise

    Ok, will a revised projection date/time be acceptable as I first predicted this am. I now predict Sat at 3:58 am. if no one else is registered. If not, I am fine to just enjoy the process.

  • mlnull19

    August 15th 0300

  • Joan Ward

    August 12 @ 6:30 AM

  • Richard Benz

    August 13, 8 am

  • http://princessofpirates.wordpress.com Clairels

    August 13, 6 p.m.

  • Laura Olsen

    August 14th at 11pm

  • Lisa Jan

    August 14

  • Little Feather

    August 15 @ 11pm

  • Bev

    August 13th……10 pm

  • Shan

    August 13th, my guess… not sure on the time though… thinking early morning

  • Kathie

    I think 8/13 at 4:00 AM! Agree with others it has just been fun to share nature’s mystery!

  • lovelabsandpuffins

    I’ll pick Aug 12th at 3:20am

  • Bee

    August 12th at 11:00 pm

  • Shannon Daniels

    August 13th around 2pm

  • Steve Dides

    August 14th at high noon.

  • SEpuffin

    August 14th at 4:44AM

  • rmh16

    Aug 15 2am

  • KTdid

    Well, Joy looked ready to go yesterday so I’ll say Wednesday, 12 AUG at 0120AM.

  • http://www.associateddesigners.com annieb

    13th at midnight

  • Cindy Hwang Schulz

    August 14 at 6 AM

  • Madge baya

    Aug 11

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Congratulations! You were the first to post the correct fledge date of August 11th! You will receive Dr. Steve Kress’s Book. Please email feedback@explore.org with your mailing address so Project Puffin can send it your way.

  • Colorado Girl

    August 14 at 2:45 am.

  • Joan LeBel

    I predict August 15. Joan LeBel

  • Patricia Stevenson

    August 12 1:00 A.M.

  • Laney200

    Aug. 14 at 3:30am

  • sherrie

    Aug 13th…..

  • Lee Karalis

    August 11 at 10:13 a.m.

  • Massingill

    August 14 @ 3:16am

  • Theveens

    August 12@ 4:15 AM local time

  • Brenda

    Thursday, August 13, 10:30 pm

  • https://bigorsmallwhatsinsideyourhandbag.disq.us Momo781

    August 13 @ 5:00am local

  • Cailin O’Connor

    Aug 16, 10 AM. :)

  • Peggy Cadbury

    August 13, 8 am

  • Caroling

    August 16 @ 10:30 Pacific standard time

  • Laurie Logan


  • Judi Trecartin

    I think she will fledge August 13th at 6:00 p.m.

  • Helen Lacina

    August 20 @ 9:30CST

  • mike wells

    I believe August 13th is the magical day!

  • Linda Bilello

    Aug 15 at 1:00 pm est.

  • Sandra Cofran

    I vote for August 13 ! 7:30 PM

  • mike wells

    August 13th close to 7:11 AM EST

  • Mrs6202

    August 12th. 9:30pm

  • Becky Tomlinson

    August 14 at 7 AM

  • Naturedeb

    August 13, 3:00 AM EST

  • Liz Spolidoro

    August 18, 6:AM EST

  • Wendy Boswell

    August 14, 10 AM

  • DaisySue

    August 15th, 7:58 am EST

  • Lynne

    August 16 around supper time.

  • Susan Knispel Krause

    August13 at 6PM

  • Sue

    August 12 at 7:15 am

  • Claire

    August 13 @0113.

  • atlanticview

    August 13 at 1:13 am

  • oregongirl

    August 13th, 8:13 am

  • Nancy Folk

    Aug 13th. 8:13pm.

  • birdforfun

    August 13 at 6:02 A.M.

  • Julia L.

    August 17, 9:00 a.m. EST

  • Karen Brennan

    August 13 ,6:45 Am

  • June

    My guess for Joy to fledge is on August 12 at 6:32 am.

  • Amy Dingman

    August 14, 7:10am

  • ple

    August 13 3:42 p.m.

  • inkstercat

    My guess for Joy’s fledge is August 12th at 4:36am

  • Cat

    August 21 6:30am

  • Amber Cooper

    August 20th at 8:37 am

  • Adrienne McMurdy

    My guess is that Joy will leave the burrow on aug. 13th.

  • Agnes

    19 August

  • Noahsark

    August 12, 3:00 am

  • Robin Goodrich

    Tuesday, August 18 in the AM.

  • lingo13

    Tues Aug 11th 10:31PM

  • Carol Coffin

    My guess is Joy will leave the burrow on August 14 @ 8:20 AM.

  • Marianne

    I have to place the leave on Aug 22

  • Paula

    I would guess Joy is leaving tomorrow August 12th and I wish her the best!

  • Carol Phillips

    August 17

  • Mariska

    August 15th begins Joy’s new adventures!!!

  • Cheryl Williams

    My guess is Joy will fledge on August 15 at 6 am EST.

  • 4meowsmom

    August 13th at 4:00pm EST

  • BeagleOH

    August 13th at 3am

  • Elizabeth Whitlam

    august 17 4 am

  • http://englishteacher0110.wix.com/englishonline lovinglady

    August 13th 2am

  • jon gaston

    August 12 5 am

  • amazed

    August 12, 11;30 P.M.

  • Mary

    August 13th 3:33 a.m.

  • Judy in Maine

    August 15 at 10:30pm.

  • Maxine Fultz

    Aug. 21 at 11am

  • Soxnpatsfan

    August 11 th…9:00 pm..God speed to Joy…

  • ateetuk

    August 14, 3am

  • lolo53

    Aug 14 at 4:30 PM.

  • Francine

    August 13, 6 am

  • Elizabeth Breuker

    August 13, 2:50 p.m.
    -Sienna Breuker, 8 yrs. old

  • Jlsanesdoc

    August 12th, 2015 at.4:32 am

  • BJ

    August 13th @ 1:30 am.

  • Susan Vaughn

    August 13th

  • Dawn Teresa

    August 13th. 7:11 AM

  • Brook Caillouette

    August 13, 2015 at 2:26 am

  • kw/oh

    Aug 16 2015 03:00AM

  • Bill

    Aug. 14, 7 A.M.

  • Ruth Foster

    August 14th 1am

  • Pappy_PA

    Aug. 12, 4:25am

  • Carol Rausch

    August 13 12:30 pm

  • Lauren Jarmel

    August 17, 8:20 am.

  • Irishwren

    August 13, 10:00 pm

  • lisa tellier

    August 18 8:00

  • csj

    says csj but my ‘explore’ name is ‘beakout’. Aug 14 @ 3 am.

  • Babspace

    August 25th at 5:15AM

  • Renee Bachman

    Aug. 15. 10:05am

  • Cam op Tee

    August 16 9:20pm

  • Candace Travis

    Saturday Aug. 15th

  • skylarblu

    Aug 13th at 11 pm

  • phyloyd

    August 13 9:00pm

  • Debbie Trainer

    August 12 at 4 am..

  • Sarah

    August 14th 3:00am

  • Caren Sedlacek

    August 13th around 8:30 pm

  • Susan

    I guess sept 15th at

  • Kim

    August 12 6:30am

  • brian custer

    i think it is going to depend on the weather; little joy stayed in the burrow on the cusp of a nasty storm today. she is a smart little girl

    i hope many other pufflings made the same choice

    • anitakapita

      Nice thought, brian! :) Thanks.

  • anitakapita

    Aug 12, 2:18a

  • brian custer

    i am going to have to examine the tide & weather charts before i venture a guess (i would LOVE to have a copy of dr kress’ book) i think that the next time it is low tide after midnight, in good weather, our little girl is a goner

  • Robin

    August 14, 6 a.m. I wish her a happy and successful journey!

  • emms

    August 15th

  • cbusomi

    August 14th 8AM

  • DebP

    She fledged last night and there is no announcement, and the video of that time stamp doesn’t work.

  • Mel K.

    Dang! Yesterday was my birthday and I was going to say Aug. 11 at 8pm. But I deleted my response because I wanted to read more about her!!

  • Frogs On!

    August 13th.

  • Larissa

    August 19

  • Dana Stewart

    I think Joy will leave the burrow Aug 13.

  • Barbara Dauerty

    August 15th at 2145. My daughter’s birth time.

  • http://explore.org/ explore.org

    We haven’t seen Joy since last night, so we’re calling her fledge date August 11th! Our winner has been notified, thank you ALL for participating in our contest. Best of luck on your adventures, Joy!

    You can stick around the burrow as puffin parents Finn and Phoebe may continue to live there until they head out for the season.

  • DinaS

    August 13 at 4:15AM

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    déjeuner. Je apprécie {| vraiment|amour} {la
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    {Un grand|Un excellent|Un fantastique} lire.
    {Je vais|Je vais certainement} {|} certainement être
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    web|Site} {so|donc} i {arrivé ici|venaient} à {revenir|retour} {l’préfèrent|choisir|faveur|envie|désir}
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    {Je suis|Je suis} {va|va} attention à bruxelles.
    {Je vais|Je apprécie} {|} être reconnaissants
    si vous continuez ce {} à l’avenir. {Beaucoup de|Beaucoup
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    avez trouvé {idées|pensées} de cette {article|poste|morceau de l’écriture|paragraphe} ainsi que de notre {discussion|argumentation|dialogue} fait {ici|à
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    Si vous {voulez|désir|souhait|aimerait} à {augmentation|améliorer|croître} votre {expérience|connaissances|familiarité|savoir-faire}
    {uniquement|simplement|juste} continuer à visiter ce {site|site web|Site|page
    Web} et être mis à jour avec la dernière {| Date|Nombre récents|plus up-to-date|chaud} {nouvelles|informations|Gossip|mise à jour
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