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Joy's Cardboard Toy - photo by Keenan Yakola

A gift of Joy for a passionate puffin fan

Little puffling Joy spread abundant happiness this summer, and viewers were immediately smitten with her fluffy feathers and playful personality around the Puffin Burrow. One fan in particular, AnneMa, took notice of a piece of cardboard brought into the burrow and which Joy become fond of, using it as a toy of sorts.

AnneMa snapped photos and created stories of adventure around Joy and her toy. At season’s end, after the puffin chick grew and fledged the burrow, AnneMa advocated for the toy’s retrieval, which Project Puffin’s Seal Island supervisor Keenan Yakola happily did and photographed for us.

In a discussion between Keenan, Project Puffin Founder Steve Kress and explore.org, we decided that Joy’s cardboard should go to AnneMa for her passion and dedication to the cams, to Joy, and to this tiny bit of ocean refuse, transformed into something much greater by a little puffin.

We want to thank AnneMa and all of our viewers for bringing life and community and sharing to the cams, and hope this modest gift can reflect some of our gratitude.

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