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polar bear cub standing

It’s Day 3 of Polar Bear Week!

Could you drive a little less? Is your vehicle well maintained? Today we hope you will consider those things and more.

What’s happening today?

  • Take the next step for polar bears by tweaking your transportation habits. Check out our infographic to learn how small changes scale up to make a big difference.
  • Listen on our live chat: Myths and Misconceptions: Polar Bears and Climate Change
    11:00 a.m. Central Time. Do polar bears have fiber optic fur? Can they really adapt to eating terrestrial foods? Our experts answer your frequently asked questions about polar bears and climate change, and address common myths and misconceptions.
  • Join us for a Tundra Connections webcast: Take the Next Step #saveourseaice.
    1 p.m. Central Time.
     How can you take the next step to help polar bears? Share your actions and projects and help #SaveOurSeaIce! Our teacher resources will help build on what your students are learning from the webcast. This webcast is hosted by Dr. Don Moore from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. This week’s guests are Dr. Steven AmstrupGeoff YorkDr. Andrew DerocherMegan Owen, and Dr. Cecilia Bitz.  Register.
  • Share our pre-made Polar Bear Week images on social media.
  • Post photos of your actions on our Save Our Sea Ice Community Page.

*We encourage registration for the Tundra Connections webcasts so we can send a reminder and know who is joining us. The live chats are shorter and more casual and don’t require registration.

Check back tomorrow to see what else we have planned.

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