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polar bear

It’s Day 7 of Polar Bear Week!

How are we celebrating today?

  • Wrap up Polar Bear Week by making a “Take the Next Step” video of your own. Use the videos on our YouTube page as a template and create your own, unique message. Share it on social media with #SaveOurSeaIce! and we will add it to the collection.
  • Share our pre-made Polar Bear Week images on social media.
  • Post photos of your actions on our Save Our Sea Ice Community Page.
  • Join our live chat: For One, For All
    12:00 p.m. Central Time, with Alysa McCall. Learn how actions to help polar bears and the Arctic will benefit other animals ecosystems. What’s good for polar bears is good for all of us!

Thank you for participating in Polar Bear Week!

EXPLORE the Complete – Polar Bear Live Camera Experience