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LIVE Chats from Svalbard! Polar Bears International and Mission Blue

Though we may have felt it was a long winter, many polar bears are cherishing their last few weeks on Arctic sea ice before it melts for the summer. As explore.org prepares to catch glimpses of the bears’ return on various Churchill, Manitoba, live cams (including the soon-to-launch Beluga Boat Cams), we hope to get

polar bear sunset

The Sun Sets on Polar Bear Season

As the Polar Bear Migration Season winds down in Churchill, Manitoba, let’s take a moment to reflect on the wonders we experienced this fall on the explore.org Arctic Tundra Cams.

BJ Kirschhoffer of polar bears international

Rewatch Live Chat with BJ Kirschhoffer of Polar Bears International

On November 22, 2014, BJ Kirschhoffer, Director of Field Operations at Polar Bears International sat down and spoke with PBI colleague Alysa McCall for a chat, live from Tundra Buggy One.

polar bear

Polar Bear Poses for Portrait

This polar bear is ready for its close-up, but don’t get too close! Every fall, polar bears gather in Churchill, Manitoba to await the freeze of the Hudson Bay. They bears need sea ice to hunt seals and finally eat something of substance as they’ve been living off fat reserves all spring and summer. While

polar bears sparring

Tussle on the Tundra

Two polar bears were seen wrestling on the Arctic Tundra from our cameras in Churchill, Manitoba. While they were just play fighting without the vim and vigor of a real brawl, the activity will actually train them for the days when they mature and vie for the attention of a female.

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