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polar bear sunset

The Sun Sets on Polar Bear Season

As the Polar Bear Migration Season winds down in Churchill, Manitoba, let’s take a moment to reflect on the wonders we experienced this fall on the explore.org Arctic Tundra Cams.

We witnessed young polar bears sparring and learned why they play fight. There was that big bear that made his presence known to two much smaller ones. We read Polar Bear Stories shared by passionate viewers like you. But now that the ice is freezing up on the Hudson Bay, the polar bears have begin to step away from Churchill to spend the winter hunting seals, and we must say goodbye to them for another year. So this highlight clip of the sun setting over the tundra makes for a perfect image to help bring the season to a close. The bright beautiful orange and red against the stark white tundra while a peaceful polar bear naps in the foreground is really a sight to behold.  Check it out!

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