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Portrait Of An Osprey

Our Hog Island Osprey are famous! This beautiful painting of Rachel was created by David Schreier, who was the featured artist last year at the Project Puffin Visitor Center. This year David returned to Hog Island as a volunteer and was entranced watching Rachel and Steve’s nest. Admire Rachel year round by purchasing prints of

Happy Puffins :)

With their curious faces poking out from the rocky coastlines, the puffins depicted in David Scheirer’s watercolors appear inquisitive and comical. This lighthearted work is a contrast from his more realistic still-life. See more of his work for sale at the online store of the Project Puffin Visitor Center. Project Puffin featured artist David Scheirer.

Zen Calligraphy. Subject? Birds.

“When we paint from our true feelings, we all paint something beautiful.” Karl Mårtens, a featured artist at the Project Puffin Visitor Center in Rockland Maine paints with a philosophical sentiment, creating work that looks ready to take flight. His work can be found at the Project Puffin Online Store. Nature studies, with a special

The Detailed View Of David Schierer

An artist living and working D.C., David Schierer’s delicate still life watercolors demonstrate attention to detail and a sense of cataloging the world, one natural article at a time. Also an outdoorsman and birdwatcher, Schierer’s work is one of the many artists featured at the Project Puffin Visitor Center Online Store. Images Courtesy of David

Tim Wootton

Tim Wootton, one of Scotland’s most celebrated bird artists is showing his seabird art at the Project Puffin Visitor Center in Rockland, Maine. His work features watercolor and acrylic paintings of seabirds from across the Atlantic. Wootton paints from life, near his home in Orkney, Scotland but these northern latitude seabird species are also found