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ozzy osbourne

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Newly Discovered Frog Species Named After Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has earned a lot of accolades since he hit the scene with Black Sabbath decades ago. Now, the heavy metal legend has inspired the name of a newly discovered animal.

bat frog

Photograph by Marcel Sturaro and National Geopraphic

The dendropsophus ozzyi, also known as the “bat frog,” was found on an expedition through part of the Amazon. According to National Geographic, researcher Pedro Peloso and team found 21 bat frogs on a 2009. The animal is a frog, but the males have a high-pitched call that more closely resembles that of a bat. In an interview with the magazine, Peloso said, while discussing their discovery, the team members ended up talking about Osbourne. That lead to the name for this species. He added that, because of the amount of bat frogs found, there was no reason to believe that they are endangered.