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Explore Celebrates Sunsets

We’re celebrating sunsets at explore.org because winter is coming, everything is all grey and/or snowy and it’s too cold or rainy to stay outside long. But sunsets can revive us by getting us to slow down, take a few minutes to just be, and not let life whiz by. The colors themselves dazzle and mesmerize,

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These 11 States Have Official Dog Breeds

Certainly, you have heard of state birds and state flowers, but did you know that a few states also have designated dog breeds? It’s not a common practice. Only 11 of the 50 states have an official dog.

Congrats to Warrior Canine Connection: Puppies Due in November!

Let us be the first to congratulate Warrior Canine Connection and share the wonderful news with you: Olive is expecting puppies!  The Yellow Lab has a due date of November 28th, but the size of her litter remains a mystery. In fact, if you correctly guess how many puppies will be born to Olive you’ll