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How many pups will Olive have?

Congrats to Warrior Canine Connection: Puppies Due in November!

Let us be the first to congratulate Warrior Canine Connection and share the wonderful news with you: Olive is expecting puppies!¬† The Yellow Lab has a due date of November 28th, but the size of her litter remains a mystery. In fact, if you correctly guess how many puppies will be born to Olive you’ll win a prize. Submit your guesses in the comments section of this blog post below. Labradors typically see a litter size of 5-10 puppies.

Best wishes, Ace.

Black Lab Ace, the proud puppy-papa-to-be.

Warrior Canine Connection enlists recovering Veterans in a therapeutic mission of learning to train service dogs for their fellow wounded Warriors. Golden and Labrador Retriever puppies receive early nurturing and training to develop into life-changing service dog partners of combat veterans with disabilities. The puppies learn to love, trust, and bond with humans through positive interactions with legions of Warriors and volunteers.

WCC has partnered with explore.org to bring you live cams from their training center in Brookeville, MD. As soon as this new litter is born, you’ll be able tune in to watch the pups here.

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