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Mama Maya’s Puppies Due in November

East Coast Assistance Dogs’ (ECAD) “Mama Maya” is very pregnant and due to have puppies in early November. And when we say “puppies” we mean “puppiesssssss.”

The ultrasound shows 9, but ECAD’s director Lu Picard predicts as many as 11 potential puppies! We will be live-streaming the birth and upbringing of the puppies on the ECAD Live Cam here. Stay tuned for breaking news updates in the coming couple of weeks.

Go back and revisit Mama Gucci and the Gucclettes when they were born on the ECAD Cam.

ECAD breeds and trains Assistance Dogs for clients with a wide variety of disabilities and needs. The dogs are taught to retrieve items, open doors, activate light switches, pull wheelchairs, balance, brace, and perform many other highly specialized tasks through the ECADemy© training program. Project HEAL© is a program offered by ECAD that honors and empowers Wounded Warriors by providing specially trained Service Dogs to increase independence and make a difference in their lives.

ECAD’s Project HEAL© Service Dogs are individually trained by at-risk teens in our ECADemy© program. These specially trained dogs pick up dropped objects, open and close doors, open refrigerators, pull wheelchairs, prevent overcrowding in public, interrupt nightmares and flashbacks, remind to take meds, warn of approaching strangers and reduce anxiety and stress, all the while providing unconditional love and comfort. ECAD does not charge our Wounded Warriors for these very special Service Dogs

pregnant rescue dog maya

Maya Mama Is Due in Early November

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