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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kelli and her foster dog, Sunshine, are getting in the spirit! Share your St. Patty’s Day photos with us on our Dog Bless You and Cat Bless You Facebook pages! Erin go Braugh!

5 SIZZLING SUMMER ways to Save Polar Bears

 / by Katie Billing of Polar Bears International 1. Turn down the thermostat, open your windows, and turn off air conditioning for a few hours each day. These practices reduce green house gas emissions! We don’t need cold air constantly; only use it when you really need it! 2. Make Your Own Shorts! On summer

5 Ways To Reduce Consumption As A College Student

/ Post by Katie Billing of Polar Bears International 1- Eat GREEN: If you live off campus make sure you shop locally at Farmers Markets. If you have to eat the food in the cafeteria, keep your hopes up! You still have the opportunity to eat a meatless meal a few times a week, and

A La Luna

Remember- birds aren’t the only flying creatures to be found along the coast of Maine! Luna moths begin hatching from their cocoons midsummer to spend their energy searching for a mate. This large silkworm is born in its adult moth phase without a mouth, and is focused only on reproducing during its short weeklong life