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The Great Northern Gannet

Northern Gannets are powerful and fast flying birds who are capable of gliding just above the surface of the water for hours – though they are not as efficiently built for takeoff and landing. Though they tend not to fly over the Project Puffin islands, they are often sighted diving for fish offshore or cruising

Flight Of The Snowy Egret From Stratton Island, Maine

This delicately formed heron is distinguishable by its black legs and bright yellow feet. Reliant on coastal wetlands particularly in the eastern and southern U.S., Snowy Egrets face a grave situation as their numbers have suffered in recent years with loss of habitat. Of the 127 million acres of wetlands existing in the United States

Coming Home To Roost

Sunset on Stratton Island, Maine. This group of snowy egrets silently glides back to the pond in the center of the island where they pause before finding shelter for the evening in the old apple orchard which serves as a wading bird colony throughout the summer. Photo Courtesy of Janine Parziale