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Checking In on Fu Wa and Feng Yi

Chet Chin, long time friend of Pandas International and adopter of the beautiful Feng Yi, just shared an update and some great photos of the pandas’ debut in Malaysia. It starts:   By the time Fu Wa and Feng Yi made their official public debut on 28 June 2014, they’d met Zoo Negara Malaysia’s staff

Mating Season Ends

Looks like Feng Yi and Fu Wa will have to wait until next year to breed. The pair did show interest in mating shortly after their arrival in Malaysia, but they missed the opportunity to conceive by a couple of weeks. In the meantime, staff are working to make sure Feng Yi and Fu Wa are

Always Up for a Snack

Pandas, unlike other bears, do not store fat. This means they don’t hibernate and they are always on the look out for a nice vegetarian snack – especially bamboo where they can find it! See Fu Wa on the live cam from China here!