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Who’s the Boss?

A great snapshot from explore.org fan Nanc! Did You Know? “Males may initiate play-fighting by approaching another male with its head down and its mouth closed while avoiding eye contact. They gently touch the face and neck of the other bear with its nose or mouth. Once play-fighting is initiated, both bears stand on their

Water Fight!

This might look playful splashing but it is more likely a territorial display. Guillemots are known to chase one another when contesting burrow territories, perch rocks, and mating attempts. If so provoked, they will dive underwater to continue their pursuit. The guillemots found on the Project Puffin islands in Maine are numerous enough that they

Who Will Be King Of The Rock?

While Atlantic Puffins are not overly prone to confrontation, they will engage in brief tussles over territory. Generally when a puffin lands among a group of birds, they will keep their head low to show that they are not looking for a fight. In this case, the puffins are testing one another, and they will

Upward Flutter

What sharp and dramatic shapes these delicate Arctic Terns make! This display is an “upward flutter,” one aspect of territorial disputes among neighbors. Photo Courtesy of:fat-birds: Arctic Terns.