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Name These Future Service Dogs

These two darlings are the as-yet-unnamed pups in Chaos’ litter of eight future great dane service dogs. The puppies will be raised to assist individuals with Friedreich’s ataxia, people with Multiple Sclerosis, or disabled veterans. They need names befitting of their important mission, so we need your help.

Please offer one name suggestion in the comments section of this blog post, and tell us the story behind your nomination. We will pick winners from the names at random and share winners’ nomination stories on this blog. 

The two winners will receive a 2013 Service Dog Project calendar and a Dog Bless You tote bag. 

Here are some quick facts about the puppies you’ll be naming:

Puppy One – Born at 9:50 p.m. on October 18, this feisty female was the second born puppy. You can tell her by her white-tipped hind paws and the black “cuba” dot on her white rolly-polly belly. She is full of energy and already quite playful.

Puppy Two – Born at 12:27 a.m. on October 19, this handsome male was the fifth born puppy. His face is all black, his chest and belly white, and all four paws white. He is a hungry boy and very vocal about his needs.

Happy naming, and Dog Bless!