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Camels and Cattle: Living with Wildlife

Laikipia’s heritage includes pastoralists and their animals living side-by-side with wildlife (teachers find downloadable lesson plans on habitats and communities). Every so often, a herd of goats, cattle or camels will be seen on the live camera feeds at Mpala Research Centre, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. Researchers here believe that coexistence between wildlife, people and domestic animals

Daily Dose of Love: Cow Licks (& Kisses)

Wednesdays Are For Lovers! Love is in the air and these cattle sure know how to get in the mood! Nothing says romance like a quiet shady day under the trees, munchin’ on some snacks! Where can I sign up? See some moooo-re cow love on the Wisconsin Pasture Live Cam! Dara| explore.org