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In Memory of Fred the Fruit Bat

Content and photo courtesy of Organization for Bat Conservation 
Last week, we lost an integral piece of our organization. Fred the Malayan Flying Fox was a wonderful bat that served as a unrivaled ambassador for his species. With a kind and inquisitive demeanor, Fred captured the hearts of many here at the Bat Zone. Though retired in his later years, Fred still managed to impress upon countless people the need for bat conservation, through his continued appearances on social media and the Explore.org webcams.

After an extensive necropsy was conducted by our veterinarian and board member, Dr. Chris Howe last week, it was determined that Fred’s cause of death was old age.

From Executive Director Rob Mies:

“At our core, OBC is an organization that provides sanctuary for old, ill, and injured animals. Knowing this, we understand that we may not always have long with some of our beloved Animal Ambassadors. However, with that said, the loss of a partner and family member like Fred is, and never will be, an easy task for any of us here at OBC.
Over his long and celebrated life, Fred reached hundreds of thousands of individuals. We remain committed to changing hearts and minds – and will continue to strive for a world that shows kindness and understanding to these wonderful and misunderstood creatures.”
Born in 1998, Fred would have been 19 years old on June 8th.