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Grubbing on Matinicus Rock

The result? Baby razorbill chick. Photos Courtesy of Bethany Baldwin and Jenny Howard

Tools of the Trade

Songbird banding on Stratton Island. Photos Courtesy Of Janine Parziale

Feeling Short Of Holiday Gift Ideas?

Well, here’s a thought: Why not just trap a puffin and stick it under the tree? Okay….logistics and legality aside, maybe your wife wouldn’t like the fact that puffin’s aren’t house trained and can easily break skin with their sharp beaks. Best leave it to the researchers to pull that string on the box trap.

Sparrow In Bander’s Grip

On Stratton Island each fall, biologists from Project Puffin’s Seabird Restoration Program run a bird banding station to track passerines and other migrants. Here, the biologist holds this sparrow in what is called the “bander’s grip.” The bird’s wings are pressed against the banders’ hand and the first two fingers hold firmly on the bird’s