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Feeling Short Of Holiday Gift Ideas?

Well, here’s a thought: Why not just trap a puffin and stick it under the tree?

Okay….logistics and legality aside, maybe your wife wouldn’t like the fact that puffin’s aren’t house trained and can easily break skin with their sharp beaks.

Best leave it to the researchers to pull that string on the box trap. The technique is one that would make the Loony Tunes proud: The decoy draws them in and the researcher waits for the perfect puffin to waddle into position. One quick pull of the string, and the puffin falls onto a pillow inside the trap. Researchers can then band new birds, replace worn out bands, and continue to keep tabs on these incredible animals.

You also could follow some of our favorite banded puffins if you consider Adopting-A-Puffin this holiday.  You can then follow your bird through recent photos and updates each year when they return to the Maine islands to breed.

Photo Courtesy of Stella Walsh