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Snapshot by JaviRuv

Snapshot by JaviRuv

Senior Dog Chat 8/4

Love our Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Live Cam? Well, we have some great news! They will be hosting a live chat on Friday, August 4th, at 12 pm CDT / 1 pm ET!

So please make sure to tune in to learn more about the wonderful work that Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary does and to also catch some glimpses of some super cute senior dogs!

When the chat goes live, you can watch here!


  • Lilly

    Will you do more sessions if so when?

  • Lilly

    How is Myles now?

  • Lolly

    Will you do another tour soon last one wasn’t very good quality if so when?

    • http://www.ofsds.org ofsdstn

      Yes, however, next time i will do it with my good camera. It will not be live but we will post it on the Dog Bless You and Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary facebook pages.

  • Brenda Lane

    Anything new planned that you can share?

  • Cindi from MI

    Two questions, where are the water dishes inside and also, this was a business at one time, I am assuming, what was it and where did all the furniture come from?
    Love watching the dogs and expecially when people are around to love them.

  • Lilly

    Do you ever take in any of the giants, like Great Danes or English Mastiffs?

  • Amy – KY

    Did the dogs have to be vaccinated for canine influenza or is that a concern in your area?

  • Bones

    For most of the dogs when they arrive @ the sanctuary, do you know their names?

  • Lilly

    Why do you play music?

  • Lilly

    Do they all get along? Is it sometimes hard for them when new dogs come into their room?

  • Brenda Lane

    Have you been surprised by the increase activity since joining explore, and has it been more positive as to volunteers, fosters and donations? Or is it what you expected?

  • Just Romie

    are there volunteers or staff on duty during the night in case a dog needs attention? Thank you

  • Brenda Lane

    Appreciation of comment last week about not accepting company donations of dog food that not meet ofsds quality standards , bless you

  • Xan Xan