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polar bear sleeping

Polar Bear Q&A of the Day: Why do polar bears hide in the willows?

Polar Bear experts are on hand during Polar Bear Cam season to weigh in on your frequently asked questions!

Today’s Question: Why do polar bears hide in the willows?

Sometimes the polar bear cam catches bears lying around in the willows (low shrubs found on the tundra), not doing much of anything. Or so it seems. These bears are conserving their energy while they wait for the sea ice to form on the Hudson Bay. Once the sea ice forms, the bears will leave the shore to hunt seals.

“Sometimes bears wait out storms and find protection in vegetation or next to a stream or coastal bank. Vegetation can also provide some relief from biting insects in summer months. For females and younger males, it gives them some visual cover. Even bears like their privacy from time to time!” said Geoff York, Polar Bears International’s senior director of conservation and a polar bear biologist.

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