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Polar Bear Air Lift

In the “Polar Bear Capital” of the world, where polar bears outnumber the residents, sometimes the polar bears are sent to a holding facility via airlift. Find out what that means:

In Churchill, Manitoba – home to our Polar Bear Live Cam (scheduled to go LIVE next week) – polar bears outnumber people. To help protect the harmony of cohabitation between people and bears, a polar bear holding facility, is set up where wandering bears can find their way back home.

When a polar bear ventures too close to town – endangering both people and bear – it is tranquilized safely and airlifted back to the wild along the migration path. As the ice freezes, it can begin its natural seal hunting again.

Hop in the helicopter in this short film and watch an airlifted polar bear head home.

(Fast Fact: Most people don’t lock their doors in Churchill in case a person needs to run inside when there’s a polar bear on the loose!)

Learn more at Polar Bears International and help us countdown to the launch of the #PolarBearCam here.

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