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arctic fox

Phantasmic Mr. Fox

The Polar Bear Migration Season is winding down. Now that the Hudson Bay has frozen over, the polar bears are leaving their annual gathering in Churchill, Manitoba for a winter of seal hunting on the ice plain. But we’re still capturing some surprises on the tundra, like ghostly arctic fox, spotted yesterday treading the snow-covered terrain.

Arctic foxes live far north above the treeline and are rugged enough to survive -50F winters, though in a blizzard they may burrow into the snow for shelter. Their white fur acts as very effective camouflage against the snowy backdrop of the Arctic. Their coat changes in the spring and summer, however, and they appear more brownish when the snow melts, adapting their outfit for the warmer season.  Blending in is superb strategy for catching prey, though in the winter, when food is more scarce, foxes may eat scraps left over from polar bears’ own meals.

Arctic foxes have wide, front-facing ears and excellent hearing. They can precisely locate prey lurking beneath the snow, which the foxes will pounce through to get their lunch. Watch this video. The arctic fox pays close attention to its surroundings, and may be on the hunt.

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