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tundra buggy and polar bear

Tundra Buggy and Polar Bear

Thank You, Universe for Making Me a Buggy Driver

Traveling the terrain of the icy Arctic Tundra takes a truck with muscle. Protecting passengers from polar bears takes tires 5 and a half feet tall. The Tundra Buggies of Frontiers North fit the job description. Maneuvering these massive all-terrain vehicles calls for a professional with some real moves. Meet Jim Baldwin, Tundra Buggy driver.

Jim will tell you he has the most awesome job in the world. His appreciation seems limitless for days spent behind the wheel of a Tundra Buggy, for the thrills and inspiration he finds out touring the tundra. Jim tells us, “They’re pretty big awesome machines that go over some pretty incredible terrain with the most awesome animal on the planet – the polar bear.” Learn more about Jim from the man himself in the video below:

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