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Otis-athon Winners!

While Otis moved quicker than most of us could accurately count, two of you got pretty darn close! Our two winners are…

Charlie Ryan with an estimate of 11 fish and Cincygirl with a guess of 7 & 1/2 fish! Congratulations Charlie and Cincy, you got awfully close to the Cam Ops count of 9 fish total that Otis the Brown Bear ate in one day.

Thanks for “playing” and being citizen Scientists. Our Live Cam Viewers are playing important roles in helping scientists and conservationists unearth mysterious animal behavior never seen before the “hidden cams” were placed. Head over to the Brown Bear Live Cam and learn more. 

(Thanks to JoeBear for the snapshot of our Otis!)


  1. Sharon Redmond

    Kewl. Nice job on the Otis pic Joe! Love the captions.

  2. JoeBear

    Congrats to the winners! And thanks for the picture! lol

  3. congrats to you

  4. Flowers

    wow, 9 fish? I was way off thinking maybe 35 fish..Haha..thanks explore and congratulations to the two winners!! It is so fun here!

  5. havaseat

    Posted to wrong place 2 days early, Oh well same at crap table