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OFSDS Weekly Update (6/2)

The biggest excitement was one of our quarterly deep cleans on Friday.  Dogs out of the building and furniture out of the way for this cleaning effort.  Lots of dogs were somewhat lost when they returned to their spaces several hours later as we had ditched multiple sofas that had been all used up or all chewed up.   Old sofas replaced by yard/ garden chairs and furniture.  By today everyone was settling into their new digs.

New Arrivals

  • Trixie who’s in Reception
  • Taz and Semmie who are in Small Dog Village

Over the Bridge

  • Technically part of this week but most everyone is aware of James’ passing last Saturday.  Reception feels empty without our “brown bear”.

Today was Dog Days at the Hermitage.  OFSDS had a booth there and several of our Old Friends made short appearances as it was a warm humid day.  The early shift dogs were Cassie and Mouse and Freckles.  The later shift dogs included Tinker, Buttercup, and Tigger.  The folks in the 2 o’clock tour at the Gardens were disappointed to miss meeting our international internet sensation Tigger.

 -Sally and the OFSDS Gang