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Snapshot by Syd

OFSDS Weekly Update (5/10)

New to the Gardens

  • Short Stack – a JR mix
  • Muffin – a tiny poodle mix
  • Harriett – a blind Maltese mix
To Forever Fosters
  • Toy
  • Herbie
Miscellaneous Dog Updates
  • Everyone in Reception had an uneventful week…which for most of them is a good thing.
  • Bosco still wears out his rear end by following everyone around Reception and then has to go into Time Out to rest.
  • SuzyQ will stay in Reception for the time being.
  • Penny’s  leg with the cancerous growth has been hurting and degenerative nerve issues hamper her movement.  She’s a tough and still has a good attitude but her quality of life is our daily concern.
  • Ellie weighed in at 93.2 #…that’s a 30# loss since mid-December.
Until next week…..
Sally and the OFSDS Gang