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This Week on Explore (5/17)

The Puffins are back! Willie has returned to the nest with a new mate, temporarily nicknamed Millie, and they have already laid their first egg!

Puffins are back_05.2019

ECAD has welcomed a brand new litter! Meet Dream and her 9 sweet puppies. This is Dream’s first litter and she is doing a wonderful job.

Dinner is served! Great Blue Herons are regurgitation pros and this week we got an up-close look at how herons feed their chicks.

Great Blue Heron Eats Frog

On Endangered Species Day, Mike Fitz explores the family life the “resident” orcas . One group of these whales, the southern residents, are also one of the most imperiled populations of whales on Earth, threatened by pollution and the dramatic decline of their favorite food, chinook salmon.  Learn more here:

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