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This Week on Explore (5/10)

Hip Hip Hooray! Bella’s two chicks have successfully fledged the nest! After a traumatic season, Bella has bounced back better than ever!


The KING has arrived. We’ve been fortunate to witness some incredible moments of the Thakazile Lion Pride! Tune into the Naledi Cat-EYE cam for more up-close encounters! re


Warrior Canine Connection has welcomed ten healthy new puppies to their organization. WCC’s Elaine is doing great and enjoying her new pups!
wcc new litter elaine

The Anacapa Falcons have welcomed four new chicks to the nest!

Falcons_Anacapa four hatches_Laramie1_5.10.19

On this week’s Fitz Facts, Mike Fitz explores just a few of the many animals that, from a human perspective, have superpowers. Watch here:

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