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OFSDS Weekly Update (4/19)

New to the Gardens

  • Gandolf – wire hair terrier mix
  • Augustus Gloop – Long hair chihuahua
  • Patty – blind chihuahua
  • Jasper –  cocker spaniel
To Forever Foster
  • Apollo and Esther
Miscellaneous Dog Updates
  • Freckles spent a few days in Medical as he’s been losing weight and not eating
  • Dolly had hernia surgery
  • Suzy Q and Macy continue to recover well from their respective surgeries
  • Bagel  and Penny have both struggled with their mobility.
  • Hash Brown had another seizure.
  • Ponce was moved to Tiny Tot Town.  Several of the larger dogs in Reception started to pick on him.  He’s doing quite well with the micro dogs
FYI….Most of our dogs come from the shelters with “shelter names”.  In most cases we keep the shelter name sometimes tweaking the name if we already have a dog with the same name.  There are one or two shelters who do not name dogs coming to OFSDS so we get to name them.  Medical often names these dogs with other staff offering names from time to time.
Until next week…..
Sally and the OFSDS Gang